Basketball Stuff

For those of you who didn't know, I play basketball, and this page is dedicated to my personal basketball.

If you live in Melbourne, or just visiting Melbourne, I'm inviting you to come watch us play, or if you are disabled and want to play basketball then come along and see what it's all about. There are a variety of skill levels, so it doesn't matter if you can't play that well, or if you play "Like Mike", there is going to be something there for you. I'm a very approachable person, so if you do come to basketball (MLC venue), just walk straight up to me and introduce yourself. I don't bite... Hard. 8-[)


I play in Division 2 for the Power House Basketball Committee, so therefore I only post stuff about Division 2. If you play in, or intend on playing in, another Division and you want to know about those Divisions, then Click Here to go to the official page of the Power House Basketball Club. Although there is a women's championship, women are allowed to play with the men in any division that suits them best, so that women of all skill levels can play.

There are 31 teams in the whole competition, spread over 5 different divisions. The divisions are:

Championship Men: 6 teams
Championship Women: 5 Teams
Division Two: 6 Teams
Division Three: 8 Teams
Division Four: 6 Teams

The teams in the division I play for (Division 2) are:

Wild Dogs


With there only being 2 basketball courts at Hawthorn, and the continuing expansion of Power House Basketball Committee, it meant that they had to find another venue to accomodate all the teams. They found Methodist Ladies College (MLC), moved Division 2 over to that venue, and left all other Divisions at Hawthorn. So make sure that if you intend on playing for, or watching, a different Division, that you go to the Hawthorn venue.

Kew - Division 2

Methodists Ladies College
207 Barkers Rd,
Kew, Victoria 3101

Map of MLC

Hawthorn - All other divisions

Hawthorn Secondary College
Burgess Street
Hawthorn, Victoria 3123

Map of Hawthorn



$3.50 - To play. This is charged every week.
$1.00 - To watch. This is also charged every week.
First Time - On your first time to either play or watch, it's free!!!


For Division 2

The first game starts at 6:40pm, with the other possible times being 7:15pm & 7:50pm.

The games consist of 2 halves, which are 15 minutes each, with 5 minutes in between halves.

For all other Divisions

The first game starts at 6:30pm, with the other possible times being 7:05pm, 7:40pm, 8:15pm, 8:50pm.

Length of Games

Each game consists of 2 halves, which are 15 minutes each, with 5 minutes in between halves. Depending on if they're running late, there might be a little less time between halves.

The Finals are 2 halves, with 20 minutes per half.

In regular season games, the clock only stops on a referees time out, IF the ref feels that it would be unfair to one team to let it continue. Only in the Grand Final does the clock stop in the final TWO minutes of the game. It will stop when the ball needs to be inbounded (for any reason), when a time out is called by either team and when there is a foul. The clock will restart once play resumes.


There are drinks (coffee, soft drinks/soda) and food (hot dogs, sausages, dim sims, chocolates) available for a small price.

Please Note: The snacks are only available at Hawthorn.


There are 2 lots of Finals per year; Summer Season Finals and Winter Season Finals. Because the summer season is shorter than winter, the Finals are also shorter. Here is how the Finals are played in both seasons...


Semi Finals Grand Final
1st vs 4th Winners of the two Semi Finals games
2nd vs 3rd


Semi Finals Preliminary Final Grand Final
Semi Final #1
1st vs 2nd
Loser of Semi Final #1
Winner of Semi Final #2
Winner of Semi Final #1
Winner of Preliminary Final
Semi Final #2
3rd vs 4th


Upcoming Games

The current season is the 2018 Winter Season.

Round # Date Time Court Our Opponent
9 July 20 6:40pm 1 Raptors
10 July 27 6:40pm 2 Fire
11 August 3 6:40pm 2 Razors
12 August 10 6:40pm 2 Outlaws
13 August 17 7:15pm 1 Wild Dogs


These are the results from the CURRENT season, if you want to see how our team went in previous seasons, please click the button below.

Previous Seasons

Round # Date Outcome Who We Played Record Points
1 May 18 Loss: 14-23 Razors 0 - 1 14 - 23
2 May 25 Loss: 14-58 Outlaws 0 - 2 28 - 81
3 June 1 Win: 37 - 20 Wild Dogs 1 - 2 65 - 101
4 June 15 Win: 37-30 Raptors 2 - 2 102 - 131
5 June 22 Loss: 18-30 Fire 2 - 3 120 - 161
6 June 29 There was a mixup with the courts, so they skipped Round 6
7 July 6 Loss: 23-30 Outlaws 2 - 4 143 - 191
8 July 13 Win: 34-27 Wild Dogs 3 - 4 177 - 218
9 July 20   Raptors    
10 July 27   Fire    
11 August 3   Razors    
12 August 10   Outlaws    
13 August 17   Wild Dogs