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American Friends Photos

These are photos of some of the people who I know in (North) America that were taken when I wasn't there. There are more photos of my American friends over at American Vacations Photos.

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Dan and Family

Dan is Layne's ex-husband and still remains a very good friend of mine, so I've decided to make a section for him.

Sage is Dan's wife, Jeff & Jane are his parents and Rachel & Lauren are his sisters. The botttom two photos are ©Rob Sweet Photography.

Dan "The Man"

Layne and Dan

Dan & Sage

Dan and Sage

Jeff and Jane

Jeff and Jane

Rachel and Lauren

Rachel and Lauren

Mike and the Hooters women

These Pics are of Mike "Big Daddy" Harmes, a guy who I met in Evansville IN, on my 1998 trip. I landed in the Evansville airport because I was going to meet a woman who I met on-line, and went over to him and asked him if there was a hotel in Wadesville (where this woman lived), and he said to me, "Buddy, there isn't even a stop sign in Wadesville". After I stopped laughing we talked for a while and it turns out that he is friends with just about every Hooters Restaurant in America. These photos were taken in Evansville, Indiana Hooters.

Mike and Anna

Mike and all the Hooters Women


This is a Pic of a woman who I used to chat with via e-mail for a while, and now on Facebook. She isn't exactly from America, she's from Toronto, Canada, which I know is completely different from America, but hey, it's North America. 8-[)

Ken and Anna

These are 2 pics of Ken and Anna. Ken is a guy who I met while playing on Pogo.com and Anna is his wife.




This is a woman who I met on-line back in 1998 and over the years have lost contact. Her name is Shantay, and Shantay, if you're reading this, please e-mail me.