Celebrity Photos

These are MOST of the celebrities that I've met and had my photo taken with. I don't really like celebrity autographs (unless they're signing something they endorse or a photo of themselves), I'd much rather a photo of the celebrity and me.

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Samantha Armytage

I've been a fan of Samantha since about 2009, so when I was in Sydney for Christmas in 2011/2012, I went in to Sydney City to try and meet her. At the end of the show, all the hosts come out to sign autographs and pose for photos. Samantha is absolutely Gorgeous, and has a personality to match her looks. When I first saw her, I touched her wrist TWICE (I have no idea why), and on both occasions her security told me off, but Samantha just shrugged it off and said it was fine. I'm sorry, Samantha.

Co-host of Sunrise
Appeared on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars.

I have had the priviledge AND honor of meeting my favorite band not once, not twice, but THRICE. Once in 1995, in 2008, and again in 2011. Here are some of the Pics (more on the way)...

2011 - Adelaide, Australia

It had been a few years since I had been to Adelaide, so when I heard that Def Leppard were coming to Australia, I made the decision to see them there. The decisiuon was made easier because of the fact that Carolyn and Kirsty are from Adelaide. When the show was over, Carolyn, Kirsty and myself went to the hotel they stay at and waited.

When Joe and Sav arrived, a guy got out of the van they were in, and told everyone that they were only going to sign 1 item, and that there were no photos to be taken. I then asked the guy about photos, and he called Joe and Sav over and said that I could have a photo taken with them, but nobody else.

That is why that photo is slightly too bright, because when he called them over, I had to be quick and used my iPhone instead of the camera that was used for the other three and I had the settings all screwed up.

Rick Allen


Rick Allen and Matt Gibson

Vivian Campbell

Twin Lead Guitarist (the "New Guy")

Vivian Campbell and Matt Gibson

Phil Collen

Twin Lead Guitarist

Phil Collen and Matt Gibson

Joe Elliott and Rick Savage

Lead Singer and Bass Player

Joe Elliott, Rick Savage and Matt Gibson

2008 - Canberra, Australia

A road trip was in order when Def Leppard toured in 2008. I first drove to Sydney, and spent the night at Neil's, then the next day drove into Sydney airport and picked up Carolyn and Kirsty. We then drove to Wollongong, New South Wales and watched them perform that night, and then went around the back of the venue and waited for them. Unfortunately, they drove past us in their usual Tarago vans. So the next day, we drove to Canberra, ACT and did the same thing that we did in Wollongong. This time, Joe, Sav and Viv drove past us, but Rick and Phil came out to sign things and take photos with the 12 or so people that were there. I forgot to show Rick my Def Leppard tattoo. 8-[)

Rick Allen

Rick Allen and Matt Gibson

Rick Allen and Phil Collen

Phil Collen, Rick Allen and Matt Gibson

1995 - Melbourne, Australia

1995 was the first time I met Def Leppard. I heard that they were going to be performing on a TV show here in Melbourne, Victoria, only tickets were hard to get. So I enlisted the help of a good friend of mine, and she got me tickets. I didnt know what to expect, so I got dressed up in a sports jacket and tie, and got there about 2 - 3 hours early just to get good seats. I had no intention of trying to meet them, as I thought that it would be next to impossible.

When I arrived at the TV studio, there were two girls waiting there with what was clearly Def Leppard memorabilia, so I struck up a conversation with them. They said that they were waiting for them to show up and drive in to the entrance that we were at. So I waited with them and we talked all about Def Leppard.

After about an hour, they drove up to the entrance stopped, and told us that they were going in for a sound check, and once they'd done that, they would come out and sign autographs and take photos. About another hour later, they came back out and pulled over to the side, but only Rick and Sav got out.

I was so nervous about meeting my hero, Rick Allen, that I completely forgot to get a photo of Sav. Carolyn and Kirsty sure did though. 8-[) I took a copy of Vault, the album they were promoting, with me and got them to sign it. Even the ones that didn't get out, were willing to sign things.

Rick Allen

Rick Allen and Matt Gibson

Signed Vault Cover

Signed Def Leppard Vault Cover

Legendary Boxing Identities

Jeff Fenech and Gus Mercurio were the first celebrities I had ever met, and it was quite some time ago so I do apologise about the picture quality, but these were taken on a polaroid. Are you old enough to remember polaroid cameras??? I am. 8-[)

I've always enjoyed watching, and participating, in boxing, so it was pretty cool to not only share the same ward (in the rehabilitation centre after my boxing accident) as a boxing legend, Johnny Famechon, but also meet 2 more.

Because of the boxing injury I sustained, I can no longer participate in the sport, but I still do enjoy watching it.

Jeff and Gus came to see Johnny, and were kind enough to allow me to get some pictures with them. These were taken in 1992, and I wish I could that thin right now. 8-[)

Jeff Fenech

A World Champion Boxer.

IBF Bantamweight
WBC Super Bantamweight
WBC Featherweight

Was robbed of a fourth World title at Super Featherweight

Jeff Fenech and Matt Gibson

Gus Mecurio

Boxing Referee and Judge.


Gus died on December 7, 2010

Gus Mercurio and Matt Gibson

Peter Brock

I went to a car show here in Australia and lined up for a couple of hours to get my photo taken with him. He was so cool that he signed the air bag and engine bay of my car.

When I crashed my car, I got permission from the insurance company to take the air bag cover and engine bay, so I still have them. 8-[)

V8 Supercar driver.

Raced in the famous "05" car
Has won plenty of races and Championships

Peter died on September 8, 2006.

Peter Brock and Matt Gibson

Air Bag Signature

Peter Brock Signature on VX Clubsport R8 Airbag

Engine Bay Signature

Peter Brock Signature on VX Clubsport R8 Engine Bay

Miscellaneous Celebrities

Below are the celebrities that I don't have a category for.

Ice Cube

I was sitting in Johnny Rockets, in Chicago, when one of the managers who I had become friends with, Obbie, come over and told me that he was outside.

I was talking to him for a little bit, then I asked him if it would be alright if I had a photo with him, he said sure, and even waited while I ran back to my hotel to grab my camera. Luckily my hotel was just across the road.

Real Name: O'Shea Jackson, Jr.

Rapper/Movie Star.

Was part of the rap group, NWA
Has made several movies, including:

The "Friday" movies & The "Barbershop" movies

Ice Cube and Matt Gibson

Mary Pierce

Back when Anna Kournikova was playing tennis, a friend (Mike) and myself used to buy season tickets to watch the tennis. Mike had a friend who loves Mary Pierce, so I went with him to watch her practice. After she finished her practice, she signed a few things for people, and took some photos.

Professional Tennis Player.

Peaked at #3 in the World rankings
Won the Australian Open in 1995 and the French Open in 2000

Mary Pierce and Matt Gibson