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Friends Photos

These are all friends of mine that I have photos of. If you think you're a friend of mine, and would like to see a photo of yourself here, feel free to either e-mail me, or say something to me next time you see me. Also, if you think we are NOT friends, and would like me take down a photo of you, I encourage you to do the same.

These friends are my non American friends, Click Here to see my American friends, or Click Here to look at photos from my American Vacations.

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My Loves

As I said on My History Page I have only loved 2 women, and here they are:


Vanda is a woman who was working in the youth training centre at the time of my boxing accident. When the accident happened she used to visit me in hospital and we have remained good friends.

Vanda and me

Vanda and Matt Gibson

Vanda and Me

Vanda and Matt Gibson


Sarah used to coach, with her mum, the basketball team that I play in. We became good friends, but don't see each other anymore.

Sarah and me

Sarah and Matt Gibson


DIDA is where I get my hair cut. David and Dino are the brothers who own the salon, and David is the guy who is responsible for me liking Australian Rules football and following the Collingwood Magpies. 8-[) David used to cut my when I first started going there in 1998, but then when his apprentice, Linda, became qualified, she started to do it. Linda has since had two children, left the salon, and now helps Dave and Dino out on the busier days.

DIDA has seen a few women come and go since Linda, but right now, Casey does my hair. The bottom two photos are some things that one of the previous hairdressers did to my hair to be a little creative.


David from DIDA Hair


Dino from DIDA Hair

Jordan Hair

Shaved Jordan symbol in the back of my head

Blonde Stripe

Blonde stripe dyed into the back of my head


Ever since the boxing incident, I have needed a chiropractor. That said, I have only had 2, Marcus and Jackie. Let me just clarify that I have only had 2 chiropractors that I have seen on a regular basis, but I have had other chiropractors work on me, just not regularly. When I first went to the chiropractor, Marcus owned the clinic, but then sold it to Jackie. Jackie has since shut down that business, and now works elsewhere. I occasionally still go and see Jackie.


Marcus the Chiropractor


Jackie the Chiropractor

Lep Friends

Carolyn and Kirsty are also two of my closest friends. Not JUST because they're Def Leppard fans like myself, but because we've known each other since 1995, and the friendship has stayed strong. I owe them a huge thank you, for taking photos of Rick Allen and me when we first met in Melbourne, then going back to Adelaide and sending me copies of the photos. They didn't HAVE to send me the photos, they could have easily thrown the photos away and never contacted me again (which is what I was totally expecting). But no, they stayed true to their word, and sent me the copies, and we then exchanged snail mail for a few years after that.

Thank you, Carolyn and Kirsty. You are true friends.


Carolyn, Kirsty and me

Carolyn, Kirsty and Matt Gibson

Kirsty and me

Kirsty and Matt Gibson



Carolyn in Wollongong for Def Leppard concert


Kirsty in Wollongong for Def Leppard concert

Carolyn, Kirsty and me

Carolyn, Kirsty and Matt Gibson

My Diploma Graduation

One of the greatest things I have done, is complete a Diploma of Information Technology, and these are photos from my graduation night. Adrian is the teacher who taught me the year before in the Certificate 4 in Information Technology, and also the last half of the Diploma. As an added bonus, Vanda was there to see me receive my Diploma.

Vanda and me

Vanda and Matt Gibson at Diploma of Information Technology Graduation 2010, Integrity Business College

Me receiving the Diploma from Adrian

Adrian handing Matt Gibson his Diploma of Information Technology at Graduation 2010, Integrity Business College

My classmates

The class of Diploma of Information Technology Graduation, Integrity Business College, 2010


Stables is a shopping center in Mill Park, a suburb in Melbourne where I used to live. I still go there and do my shopping, so I decided to make a section for it

Fullife Pharmacy

As I said in my Weightloss Blog, I go to a pharmacy to get weighed in and to buy my Tony Ferguson products. These are the two guys who have taken care of me so far on my way to reaching my goal weight. Tony Ferguson is the guy who started the program, and without him, I wouldn't be losing weight. Tony Ferguson doesn't work at this pharmacy, he was just visting and promoting his program, so that's how I got to meet him.

I could have easily put this photo in the Celebrity Photos, but I thought I'd keep these two photos together. Tony (a pure coincidence), works at the pharmacy, and has helped me immensely since the start. It was him who encouraged me to join, and is there every week (well, most) encouraging me to keep going. Thanks, Tony.

Tony Ferguson and me

Tony Ferguson and Matt Gibson


Tony from Fullife Pharmacy

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits was pet store with which I got to know the owner of. When I first starting going there, Tanya owned it, but then sold it to Zsolt. Zsolt has since closed the business down.



Cafe Umut

When I used to live in Preston, I would often go to a Turkish restaurant called Cafe Umut. The owner of the restaurant, Mustafa, has three daughters, Umut, Demi, and Asli, who I became friends with. I don't have a photo of Umut.

Demi and Mustafa

Demi and Mustafa



The Rev

The Rev is someone who I owe a lot to. Like Vanda, he was there for me when the boxing accident happened and we're still close friends. Everybody calls him The Rev because he's a minister of religion.

The Rev

The Rev


Dora is a woman who I've known for a very long time, since before the train accident. In 2013 we reconnected and got back in touch with each other.


Dora and Matt Gibson


At basketball, there is a coach of another team with whom I have become friends with. Rob is a vice principal at a special school, and brings some of his students to basketball so that they can play. A well as running that basketball team, Rob also runs a footbal (Australian Rules) team.




Steve is a very good friend of mine who I met through working at Video Ezy. Although we don't see much of each other lately, we're still good friends.




Cleo was my probation officer when I first got out of rehabilitation, and although those days are way behind me, we still get together and go to the movies every now and then.


Cleo and Matt Gibson


At the start of 2012 I started working at Technology Matters, and downstairs from that office was a cafe. Dan owned the cafe, and we become friends through me going in there and having breakfast and lunch. He even went with me to the Gold Coast to see Mariah Carey perform live.