Contact Page

So you want to contact me, huh??? Well, you have come to the right page. Below, is MOST of the ways I can be contacted. I can also be contacted by cell phone, but for obvious reasons, I'm not going to include any phone numbers. 8-[) If you're a friend of mine and have lost my phone number, then contact me on one of these methods and let me know that you have lost my number.

E-mail Addresses

Use this contact method if you expect a quick(ish) reply

Personal E-mail:

Homepage E-mail:


This method will attract the same "speedy" response that the above e-mail will. I've put this here for everyone who doesn't want to open their e-mail client just to send one e-mail.

You know who I am, so why can't I know who YOU are???.

I DO NOT send any spam, or sell, or pass your e-mail onto third parties. I will only send you the one e-mail, to say thank you, if you reply to THAT e-mail, then we have started a discussion.

I'm a fairly open type of person, so you can ask me whatever is on your mind. This is NOT a Guestbook Entry, so I'm the only person who will see this.

Snail Mail Address

If you don't mind the wait, send me an old fashioned letter.

No matter where you live in the world, if you send me a postcard, and write your name and return address somewhere on it, I will send you a postcard from Melbourne, Australia.

P.O. Box 1066
Preston, Victoria

Instant Messaging

Please Note: I'm not always at my PC, so sometimes you might see my status as "Away". If you send me a message, and I don't reply straight away, don't worry, because I will return your Instant Message when I get back to my PC.

Skype (formerly Windows Live Messenger):